Judy Russ

Hungry for Perspective

I've been cooking since I was 11 years old. When I might've been expected to be thumbing through pages of ElleGirl , I was hoarding my mom's discarded piles of Food & WineBon Appétit, and Better Homes to secretly scour after bedtime.

I come from a family of chefs, and despite their pleas (like many cooks, I was forbidden to go to culinary school) wound up working in the Philadelphia restaurant industry for 10 years. For one more, I was the sole in-house baker for 2 sister restaurants in Lancaster City.


Upon exiting the food biz and starting to write full-time, I began developing recipes for food content marketing companies. I also started writing a series of editorials about the connection between food and emotion.

Lately I've been prioritizing sourcing my ingredients hyper-locally. This includes cooking with the game meat my partner brings home from a long day's hunt, as well as seasonal veggies and traditional food preserves from the Amish farms nearby.

Wanna read some food stuff? Check out my writing portfolio.

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