Judy Russ

Activism & Statements of Solidarity

1. I believe that Black Lives Matter and systemic racism/white supremacy must be abolished.

2. I believe in protecting transgender women and men at all costs and advocating for them always in my industry, and in life.

3. I identify as queer, and stand in solidarity with my LGTBQIA+ Community, honoring all pronouns.

4. I believe refugees and immigrants have a right to asylum and dignified treatment no matter their "legal" status. 

5. I believe all bodies deserve love and respect and actively work to address fatphobia and ableism in my industry.

6. I acknowledge that I live on Susquehannock stolen land and support all reparation efforts for indigenous peoples.

7. If any clients or potential employers take issue with any of these statements, I'm not interested in their business or collaboration. 

Responsible Wellness

(Socially Responsible & Accountable "Coaching", Self-Help, & Spirituality)


Once upon a time, I had a yoga teaching certification, a Reiki III diploma, a crystal wrapping business, countless "independent studies" in nutrition, and a brief career in fitness under my belt. And I thought I had it all figured out.

A lifetime of trauma and lack of community support led me to fall under self-help's spell, but it was the promise of a career in "coaching" that made me stay. 

It wasn't until the COVID-19 Pandemic that I began dissecting the problematic nature of the wellness industry, and realized that I had been duped. Its capitalist roots, its enabling of disordered eating, its gas lighting of underprivileged communities, its blatant cultural appropriation practices... there was so much damage happening in industries touting "health" and "growth". I just couldn't believe I had been contributing to it for so long.

Today, I focus much of my energy on illuminating the dark corners of these cultures, and trying to reduce harm. 


I believe a better "coaching", fitness, and self help industry can exist... one that integrates with activism and social justice, and credits Black and Indigenous cultures for the practices it has stolen and adapted. One that accepts all bodies and abilities. One based on trauma-informed healing and radical self acceptance instead of self improvement. One that doesn't ask us to bear the responsibility of healing within an inherently broken system.

You can find most of my work on this on my instagram page, and in future workshops for recovering wellness enthusiasts. If you're a self-help leader/influencer/coach and need help with integrating social justice into your program, don't hesitate to reach out.