Judy Russ

About Me

I've been a little bit of everywhere; from my 10-year residency in Philly to my 6 month jaunt abroad in Morocco and Spain. But Lancaster is home; I knew it from the moment I stepped foot here back in 2018.

My work experience has similarly run the gamut. During a 7-year cooking career in the Philly food industry, I invested most of my extra time in "wellness" pursuits and fitness instruction, which later led to 3 years in a sales and marketing position in an upscale club (where I held the title of most monthly closes for 4 consecutive months among a team of 42).

But writing, communicating, and creating it what I really love to do. And that's exactly why I quit my job to freelance fulltime.

Most important to me, however, is advocating for those in need. I'm an anti-racist, queer & genderqueer, pro-indigenous-reparation, anti-fatphobic, anti-ableist, and anti-white supremacist activist and infuse everything I do with the intention of using my privilege for good.

In my free time, you might find me hiking the Appalachian trail or volunteering with my local conservancy. I work hard towards a "zero waste" lifestyle; I even drive an electric car! I also like to paint, play and sing on my acoustic guitar, and write poetry. I'm a trained yoga teacher and a committed athlete, body builder, and runner. Most recently, I placed first in my age group during a half marathon in Elk County, PA.

I currently live with my fiancé Doug & our dogs Riley & Moose. When we're not walking around barefoot on PopPop's farm harvesting veggies, we're probably watching an Eagles game, hosting friends for a locally-sourced dinner, or cozied up with some bourbon and a couple-a good books.


Doug and I are an ambitious and passionate couple; we recently launched a family handcraft company called Huegel Handcrafted, where we sell gifts and goods made from wood and leather. We make everything by hand with his brother Andrew, and his wife Ava.

We are also laying the groundwork for a creative agency that redistributes freelance work to marginalized populations.