Judy Russ

About Me

In my free time, you might find me hiking the Appalachian trail or volunteering with my local conservancy. I care deeply about the climate crisis and work hard towards a "zero waste" lifestyle; I even drive a 100% electric car!

In my past life as a fitness professional, I discovered a love of weight lifting and running that I still nurture today. Most recently, I placed first in my age group during a half marathon in Elk County, PA.

I currently live in Middletown, Pennsylvania with my fiancé Doug and our dogs Riley and Moose (but we still call Lancaster County "home"). When we're not walking around barefoot on Pop Pop's farm harvesting veggies, we're probably watching an Eagles game, brainstorming ideas for the family handcraft company, or cozied up with some bourbon and a couple-a good books. Sometimes, I also like to sing folk songs on my acoustic guitar to my friends (whether or not they enjoy it is a different story).

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